1 Samuel 8: Israel demands a king

Introduction Discussion Question: Have you ever followed a cultural trend that you are embarrassed to admit to? Describe it! Summary: The 8th chapter of 1 Samuel tells the unfortunate story of when Israel began to follow a cultural trend of centralized tyrannical government. This trend was widespread in the ancient world and is exemplified inContinue reading “1 Samuel 8: Israel demands a king”

1 Samuel Chapter 7: National Repentance and Victory

Introduction Chapter 7 of 1 Sam concludes the first of the three section of the book. One of the main purposes of this first section (ch. 1-7) is to establish Samuel as Yahweh’s prophet to Israel. After reading chapter 7, there should be no doubt in the reader’s mind of the position God placed himContinue reading “1 Samuel Chapter 7: National Repentance and Victory”