1 Samuel 9: the lost donkeys

Introduction Israel has just requested a king like all the nations to judge them and fight their battles. Their request is a rejection of Yahweh as Israel’s king for the reason that he was Israel’s judge through the revealed word of the prophets, the religious council of priests, and the decisions of local judges, byContinue reading “1 Samuel 9: the lost donkeys”

1 Samuel 8: Israel demands a king

Introduction Discussion Question: Have you ever followed a cultural trend that you are embarrassed to admit to? Describe it! Summary: The 8th chapter of 1 Samuel tells the unfortunate story of when Israel began to follow a cultural trend of centralized tyrannical government. This trend was widespread in the ancient world and is exemplified inContinue reading “1 Samuel 8: Israel demands a king”

1 Samuel Chapter 7: National Repentance and Victory

Introduction Chapter 7 of 1 Sam concludes the first of the three section of the book. One of the main purposes of this first section (ch. 1-7) is to establish Samuel as Yahweh’s prophet to Israel. After reading chapter 7, there should be no doubt in the reader’s mind of the position God placed himContinue reading “1 Samuel Chapter 7: National Repentance and Victory”


There appears to be an illusive contradiction between the teaching of Paul and James, at least in terminology. On the one hand, Paul taught that one is justified by faith apart from works (Rom 4:5).[1] Whereas James, on the other hand, taught that one is justified by faith plus works (James 2:24). A prominent beliefContinue reading “RESOLVING THE TENSION IN JUSTIFICATION BETWEEN PAUL, JAMES, AND JESUS.”

Free Trade, Protection, and God’s Law

On July of 2019, Baptist Press released an article entitled Trade war could disrupt Bible supply, publishers warn. It reported that Trump’s 25% tariff on all books made in China would effectively act as a “Bible Tax.”[1] Because of a Bible’s complex features (e.g. thin pages, small print, and special illustrations), most publishers have them produced in ChinaContinue reading “Free Trade, Protection, and God’s Law”

Minimum Wage and God’s Law

The Federal Minimum Wage (FMW) is usually not thought of as a mechanism that oppresses the poor. Taking its intended purpose at face value (i.e. help low-skilled workers earn more income) would lead us to think the exact opposite. But that is exactly what the minimum wage accomplishes. It is a man made law thatContinue reading “Minimum Wage and God’s Law”

Healthcare and God’s Law

The idea of a complete government take-over of healthcare is growing in popularity in the US. You can expect it to be a hot-ticket issue for future presidential campaigns. Those who advocate for it let loose their battle cry, “healthcare is a right, not a privilege.” Behind this phrase is the desire for more governmentContinue reading “Healthcare and God’s Law”

The Great Commission is the Cultural Mandate Reinstated in Christ

Cultural historian, Johan Huizinga once uttered, “If we are to preserve culture we must continue to create it.” Building culture is the highest calling for Christians. It is what God originally made mankind to do for his glory. God first established this calling in Genesis 1:28, also known as the Cultural/Dominion Mandate, and after sinContinue reading “The Great Commission is the Cultural Mandate Reinstated in Christ”

The Case For Preterism: Interpreting prophecy as past

The mainstream interpretation of Bible prophecy today teaches that mankind is currently waiting for a future Great Tribulation. Earthquakes, peals of thunder, famine, deadly world wars, and destruction have all been said to be a global calamity that bring planet earth to a catastrophic end. But is this interpretation of prophecy really what the BibleContinue reading “The Case For Preterism: Interpreting prophecy as past”