Christian Students in a Secular College.

Just a few weeks into a bran new college semester and already I feel the tension between two opposing worldviews that perceive academia in extremely different ways. I first noticed this when I heard a Professor of mine make, what I thought to be an outrageous statement. While lecturing on the Incan culture the class reacted in detestation at some of theContinue reading “Christian Students in a Secular College.”

Debate review

Last Wednesday, 11 May 2016, I debated a Collin College classmate, Bob Shields over the issue of abortion. The specific topic was, “Should abortion be illegal in all fifty states?” I, of course took the affirmative position whereby Shields took the negative. The debate served as a demonstration of secular or left-wing illogic, fallaciousness, and irrationality. It was painfully obvious which side was preparedContinue reading “Debate review”