The Case For Preterism: Interpreting prophecy as past

The mainstream interpretation of Bible prophecy today teaches that mankind is currently waiting for a future Great Tribulation. Earthquakes, peals of thunder, famine, deadly world wars, and destruction have all been said to be a global calamity that bring planet earth to a catastrophic end. But is this interpretation of prophecy really what the BibleContinue reading “The Case For Preterism: Interpreting prophecy as past”

“For unto us a child is born”: The never ceasing progression of Christ’s government

Everyone loves the Christmas season for different reasons, whether it be the gifts, carols, family gatherings, eggnog (with brandy), or ugly festive sweaters. I for one always eagerly await this joyful holiday to hear one of my all-time favorite passages of Scripture—Isaiah 9:6-7 read in church. If you don’t remember it from last year’s ChristmasContinue reading ““For unto us a child is born”: The never ceasing progression of Christ’s government”

The Extent of Christ’s Mediatorial Dominion

There is no doctrine in all of Scripture more forgotten than the Mediatorial Dominion of Christ. Rarely is it ever chosen to be taught in Bible studies or devotionals. The doctrine is so neglected that we’ve forgotten what it means for Jesus to be king. What exactly do we mean when we sing on SundayContinue reading “The Extent of Christ’s Mediatorial Dominion”

Christians need to stop saying “The world is getting worse”

Setting goals as a Christian is always important. We make goals and future plans for our families, careers, education, relationships, and most importantly for Church ministry. Our goals are never set too low when it comes to our personal lives, but when it comes to Church ministry, we often set the goal embarrassingly low. Christ,Continue reading “Christians need to stop saying “The world is getting worse””