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Discovering how to apply God’s law-word in modern society


This site is committed to seeing Christ’s kingdom permeate throughout all of life, including the social institutions that God has designed; family, church, and civil government. While Christian churches have been focused on applying the Bible to the heart of the individual, its application to society is often neglected, lost, or even rejected. The content of this site predominately speaks into these issues and wants to discover how God’s word applies beyond the life of the individual Christian and to the public square.

Elders Are NOT Rulers

It was my junior year of high school when I was reprimanded by two pastors of a church I used to attend for not asking their permission to help another church. I was serving as a non-paid worship minister when a neighboring church down the road asked me to lead the worship for one ofContinue reading “Elders Are NOT Rulers”

Healthcare and God’s Law

The idea of a complete government take-over of healthcare is growing in popularity in the US. You can expect it to be a hot-ticket issue for future presidential campaigns. Those who advocate for it let loose their battle cry, “healthcare is a right, not a privilege.” Behind this phrase is the desire for more governmentContinue reading “Healthcare and God’s Law”