The Necessity of Christ’s Kingship

When the Apostle Paul was dealing with division among the church at Corinth, he asked the rhetorical question, “Is Christ divided?” Paul’s question is most relevant today, particularly regarding Christ’s threefold redeeming offices, those being: (1) Prophet, in revealing to us, by his word and Spirit, the will of God for our salvation; (2) Priest, inContinue reading “The Necessity of Christ’s Kingship”

Christians need to stop saying “The world is getting worse”

Setting goals as a Christian is always important. We make goals and future plans for our families, careers, education, relationships, and most importantly for Church ministry. Our goals are never set too low when it comes to our personal lives, but when it comes to Church ministry, we often set the goal embarrassingly low. Christ,Continue reading “Christians need to stop saying “The world is getting worse””

Prophetic Literature: Literal or Spiritual

It is curious how students of Biblical prophecy today can hold to the authority, inerrancy, and clarity of Scripture and still come to completely different conclusions on the matter. Disagreements frequently arise over whether the meaning of prophecy is to be taken literal (i.e., things happens just as described) or spiritual (i.e., a deeper meaning explainedContinue reading “Prophetic Literature: Literal or Spiritual”