Postmillennial Rap

Brace yourself, I’m about to blow your minds.

I’m gonna explain my view concerning the end times.

You may think it’s strange and unbelievable.

It’s the position I hold often called Postmillennial.


Just sit back and hear my case.

Of what God has planned for the whole human race.

To understand this great story of grace,

we need to start with the Kingdom, what it is and when it takes place.


The Kingdom starts with the first coming of Jesus

Where He died on the cross to beat the curse of sin, and frees us.

This Gospel of hope starts as a dot on the map

But will cover the globe, that’s the essence of my rap.


The earth will be covered with the knowledge of God the Father

As the sand’s on the shore and the sea’s covered with water.

Revival’s coming! No more wars and evil glares

The world will worship God, trade their swords for plowshares.


We’re told the Kingdom is like a small mustard seed

that grows and flourishes into a large tree.

It’s also like leaven that a women hid in flour

till it was all leavened, that’s the Kingdom’s power.


Some say that global revival can’t come true.

But be careful not to prescribe to God what He can and can’t do.

“the world gets worse, haven’t you read Left Behind?

Godliness will increase, yo out of yo mind.”


But “soon take place,” and “time is near”

These verses couldn’t get much more clear

About the timing of the Great Tribulation

That Jesus said would take place within His generation.


We don’t select our Eschatology based on our personality,

but only from the Bible and the study of its theology.

Not from newspaper exegesis or New York Times,

but only from the Bible that’s right all the time.


He rose from the grave to take a throne for His seat

Waiting for His foes be made a footstool for His feat

That means the Gospel will prevail before Jesus comes back to earth

So let’s labor for the Kingdom, it all starts with rebirth

Published by Ben Moore

Ben is a Christian worldview writer who holds a BA in Economics and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Biblical studies at Reformed Theological Seminary. He and his beloved wife live and serve to see the Gospel permeate throughout all areas of life.

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